Friggin’ George Cluny… if only The Paris Tourism Board had an imaginary concert

WaWa Wars… followed by “the Flava’s” on your FANTA Nilhs!

Across the street, on The Peacock Society, the Poles are talking and the ‘proud boys’ on Fox Props are trying to convince Tulsi Gabbard that her seXy-Evil ass is a Hawaiian Donkey and not an Hilo Republican.

Unicornio Azul.

And, RNC Steele, da’Fuck is ‘virtual signaling?

The Ubalde Tourism Board unanimously voted to move the man responsible for children being murdered at Robb’s Place, over to the Watersports Department, where Mr. PEDRO Arredondo is slotted to take over the LifeGuard’s department.

Text with Payne in a stupid suit, tailor-made for Hershey’s Walker.


Any moment now, a hip Parisian gas station is about to blow up… fire departments in all arrondisements are on alert and for good reason, Zoolanders are all over town. Aussie, Öüï picks up a scoop that MODESTO, the lone Mexican giraffe that recently passed away, left behind a Wife and Calf à BEAUVAL-de-Briezesinski.

A gas holiday on Urban Safari.

https ://edition .cnn .com /2022/05/23 /politics /georgia-republican-senate-herschel-walker /index .html

After the break is JaNice and her mood rings. And over in I–RAN a Flock of Seagulls just melted out of the sky there, where the temperature 🌡️ is hotter than Death Valley, CA….

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