Inverted Utopias… AVANT-GARDE ART in LATIN AMERICA with José Díaz-Balart

Pardon, Mí, mister O’Donnell, do you have any Grey Poupon®️? Eye has the 🧾 ask Stephanie Ruhle, she’s our undisputed foxi champion of The Webs.

Lady-like delivery, you should be an ambassador.

Page 120 (slash) 121:
Of Terrorism in the Arts
Ángel Rama y Los Amigos Invisibles*

Techo d’esto… told y’all that I was going to Squeeze a Whale.
The following is a Public Service Announcement.
If you are going to use the Bpi please be advised that the LOO 🚽 is under repair (again), plan accordingly.
Also, starting next week all Derelict-es-ese must enter the Bpi through the Place Georges Pompidou, it’s a scheme concocted by The Paris Tourism Board in order to fool Spy Satellites into thinking that the line outside is for the Art section of The Building.
memo 📝 to the Library gods, in the form of a Kézako:
… nothing out of the ordinary, but why is it, that out of 40 computers only n⁰ 14 and n⁰ 15 have the headphone jack installed?… the new keyboards are Magnificent, notwithstanding.

https ://catalogue .bpi .fr /fr /document /ark: /34201 /nptfl0000599539?search Token=34adfe7c13c2741ee5a777421f5dbdc6f9607f20

“A monkey plan for a baseball game,” according to Joyce Vance on the Jan. 6 Awards, on MSNBC… Eye wonders where she got that lead from?
Probably from Pitorreal.

TÉL. 42°20°97


Yale University and Arbusto Museum of Fine Arts.

Negocio Próspero
Snapshot of Black Humor
1963 — Venezuela

Meanwhile at the ta’Güeno Corral, it’s Bannzzaaiii aïe.

Hoy no hubo Warrant

After the break, it’s, “Eye Dream of Beans”.

Jazz is Dead, ese… remesas del Norte follows

Where Have You Gone, Moi Camacho?

https ://facebook .com /hitazo .mx /posts /894551150999653 /? refsrc=deprecated &_rdr

—… y don Moisés responde:

I’VE bean Évry Where, man!


I don’t think that word on your Jersey means what you think it means, Mr. Moses.


Bark at The Moooooon, Bannzzaiį, after the Hawaiian time shift for our Wednesday (Slash) Jueves coverage, Öüï Ketch’-es up with the Tarahumara Narco League where The Tchüekos del Portillo got to “church on time” and put two Padres de Cerocahui down witn a runner on Third.

Check please

M stands for, me LA pe LA—n… You Saw It Here First.

Version Monty Alexander.

And, BannZzAaY chica… Did Eye ever told you how Iris loves ya’, but you got’s to watch out for them Sunshine laws in Georgia… just say’n

In The City, City of Sunshine

In The City, City of Sunshine… —Jazz can lick my avocados… We’re Open, Aussie.

Eye swear, if I didn’t have to see what’s for dinner—Eye’d nevah— would have seen how Maddona and Bon Jovi went about it, it would be nuttin’ if I knew how to Jive, … motherfuckers.

October 1st, 2018 —The round-up: 13,000


Season Premiere. Oktoberfest à la Trump style… sponsored by Florida’s orange groves, The 18-Hole.

We [the U.S. of A] never thought we’d make it this far. Congratulations, Cousin Joe—The Republicans did it! Ewe all did it!!! Even if folksy folks like “Mr. Schmitty” or the Purple Pundit reject the big Elephant in the room, ewe all own this new nazi-like benchmark.

… and yes, Generalissima Elise Jordan, this intermission also falls on Paul’s court.

The Rage in the Book.

Coming Up: The Post–Season… only on the Kasie-Dc dial.

But first, news of the world,
because this fucking blue marble that we all squat on
is bigger than a Walmart parking lot, or Donald J. Trump’s stupid America (sin acento, of course).

Oh, the humanity… TimeStamp: 10 to 6 on the Central European p.m. dial.

Jazz Central follows… have Ewe seen the little piggies? Class War follows.

Collective Barganing… always in style—no white gloves needed.