Intermedio—Kill me now

Jump to page tú… Hey Radio France, I love radio, merry Christmas. Kill me now. If I do it myself you are not going to like it, however, if you send The Usual Suspects I will fuck all of your newborns with a donkey dick…

Issy you are wrong, time ran out. Reward the artist… for the record, I am not an artist, i have never claimed to be one, and I don’t even know how galleries in Paris are awarded by The Paris Préfecture.

https ://old .reddit .com /r /mexico /comments /vafjro /recordatorio _que_irma_ sandoval_ y_john_ackerman/

Again, if you ignored my humor during the Hillary Clinton victory at the ballots, and failure at the electoral “college”… You Should Believe when somebody tells the French who they are. Kill Me Now.

memo To Memo – Brut Media. You are cordially invited to the 115th Anniversary of a very Exclusive Club where Évry body knows your name, Cheers! 58% Abstention rate, according to los Amigos de France24

But first, The News.

Friendly Star, only if it’s a Super Nova to erase it all.




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