“We’ve been going about this All Wrong”

Robinet productions présents:

Yes they are –

American Democrats are pussies.

Now go back to SLEEP, Bill de Blasio. Two Terms, mister Mayor, that’s all you get… It’s way too early, go back to bed… Do The Sleep Number. I’m SIRIUS, governor, you failed as a navel-gazer.

and Starring as Maria LA Burra…

The Phillie-Buster

Los Flamencos de Buzenval
Eye Knows What Your Plumbing Looks Like

… TROU 🕳️ story, ask Imma at the “Zapatista” meeting point next to the ÉVERready Black Cat, my first gig in France was securing a piece of PORCELAIN en “El Callejón del Duende”…  Maria « La Burra » knows what Eye is writing about 💃🏽, period!

Any how, how should I put this, where, of all places can this piece fit this into? The first thing that I, little ol’Armando Segovia/Armando Serrano-Prieto is going to be rated as, is a “wagon jumper” like that “Chris Haines” fellow…

FRANCE 2, won’t erase this fact, 20 minutes before the newly re-elected French president made his way to The Mars de Champs to celebrate (among other things) MANUEL VALLS was the main PUNDIT on FRANCE Télévisions channel 2… sources close to Lady Liberty 🗽 at LA Seine, witnessed the former Ministro del Interior sprinting to be on The Front Row to the French En Marche.

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