Jabón del Perro Agradecido theater presents

And… Rachel invents Venn Diagrams : “You Are Here”.

Santiago, Jack! Won’t allow Mi to mislead Ewe, that plant below France’s best “vendedor¹” is half of .50

¹.~ Much like the man who Brought U.S. Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona and, Rachel’s Sacramento Bees, Antonio de Padua María Severino López de Santa Anna y Pérez de Lebrón, don Napo got U.S. the Mighty Mississippi.

Sponsored by Brandy Napóleon.

Stanley knew this…
Napóleon Bonaparte biggest mistake was to think that his little colonized Corsican ass could be French. So! Admiral Stradivarius, as an undocumented ostrizised tourist at The so-called place Sainte-Opportune, please stand-by for Amal Clooney.

In-house Advertorial

Starring Huckleberry Finn, with special guest, Uncle Tom. Featuring, Evaristo from El Río Frio, y Jorge Saldaña del Cerro del Borrego.

https ://www .radiofrance .fr /francemusique /podcasts /allegretto /-canoe-musical-par-les-lacs-fleuves-et-rivieres-6634785

And, GO’ill de Niza Let’s Go To Heidelberg, pues. Heidelberg, the mother of all of Guttenberg presses-es. Look it up… that fucking river is Cold! Cold like a motherfucker.

Brazil wants to provide 300,000 rounds of ‘Gepard’ ammunition to Ukraine (Translation in comments) from europe

Dr. Strangelove, Cousin Joe, is a good intro to Napoleón Buenaventura. Stanley wanted to do the Ken Burns version of Josie’s ticket, but Jodorowski reminded Kubrick how these fucking FreeMasons shuffle the cards.

At the turn of the hour, Johnathan Capehart sings La Bamba in brasileiro… knots The Portuguese Manowar and, brings Medusa into the fight. EYE 👁️ REPORTS.

After the break, The American Priest in Paris sends in the coke lovers.


Numerao’, numerao’
¡Viva la numeración!

Mississippi what? Alabama shakes!
Tennessee lynched who?

Previously at Saint-Eustache, Father Jacques stole Cardinal Glick’s (GEORGE CARLIN) idea to put a New Spin on the Holy WaWa Punchbowl Palette 🎨 by welcoming into the Church, the Talented mister replays.

She’s also an “hartista” del verbo HARTAR, ask Alicia Menéndez to transliterate… but, CHARLOTTE, that Cunt there has no idea how to spin a Web.

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