Deer, Lorde… You call that soundproofing

Tucker Carlson is onto something… it seems that except for the Wallace on “Deadline”, and the Scarborough’s on The Mika Show, all MSNBC contributors live “rent free” like it was in 1899.

The catch it appears, is that “la tienda” es de raya and like elementary teachers of 2022, the field workers must provide the materials for the presentation.

Anyhow, The Wallace and The Scarborough’s don’t have to bother with any expense that their fickle affections demand.

The Coq suckers behind bambalinas, on the other hand, well that’s another story and they have no way of distinguishing between el uno de mayo, and May Day.

And, Jackie Alemany… ‘exQui-ou’s Mí, as Eye looks at the MSNBC’s human resources department with Donny Deutsch.

Good gawd… Eye knows a guy, that motherfucker can have you sounding like Susana Puveda on the Moulineaux-es-es cabin booth… he’ll also throw in a high-speed military-spec box of glare diffusers that will put all viewers Aye’s on your iris. Call now, operators are standing-by.

Öüï joins the transmission after The Pentagon correspondent strangles her kids after those little fuckers interrupt another LORD TWITTER lift-off.

first Courtney Kube’s non-existent childcare at peacock central, and now Jackie’s basement, Eye doesn’t even want to imagine what sort of activities go on in there, jeez-whiz… Kind of reminds me of this mötley setup 🙈 :

… deer, Jackie Alemany, you’ve been promoted to the Business Development branch 🕊️, congrats! Here are the SPECS for that in-house waffle-adverotial that Ewe han no idea, D.A.T. Eye was going to throw at El Güey de tu early morning.

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