Deer, mister Solar, move from page Tu*


Guest starring, Steely Dan as Jane Fonda’s consolador… THE .357 Taurus 🇧🇷

That’s a nice “MAGNUM” you got there, Tackleberry, where’d ya’ get it?

Jessica Kuntz Kutz¹, reports:

In the fall of 2019, police arrested actor and workout icon Jane Fonda on the steps of the U.S. Capitol as she protested the government’s failure to address the urgency of the climate crisis and rallied support for the Green New Deal.

The reason for the arrest? Jane Wore a Red Dress… that fuckin’ Commie!

And Mister MC Solar
Eye bets Ewe thinks that this post is about SOL, eh?
But to tell the truth this post is about.

¹.~ Gender, climate and sustainability reporter.

MC El Solar, alias “El Mariachi“… but Évry body knew him as “PACO”. Emilio “el indio” Fernández stars as himself in « Billy The Kid was a Friend of Mine, but Eye can’t vouch for that Frisco Kid ».

Bouge de lá, kid. Move It! Move It!

And mister Dhutil, Öüï is going to have to confiscate that 📎 there… C’mon SHORTY, Move It! Move It! This is not a drill that there is some REAL Dixie-Fried bullits’ flying over Home Plate—Son! Move It! and i will quote:

Move It ».

https ://nypost .com /2022/04/26 /gunshots-ring-out-during-youth-baseball-game-in-disturbing-video/

Bouge de lá—them be knot Jésus fireworks 🎆 in the park.

Bouge de la—that’s The Wild Wild wEast

Of course… One has to be French to navel-gaze with Boots² like that!

Whodini—Who dun’it?

².~ https ://19thnews .org /2022/04 /jane-fonda-climate-pac-interview/

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