Kermit the frog was a Freq’

Know you know why that Pig was all over them LEGS at La Grange.

Fiction with The Muppets, in this episode, Évry thing starting with “Pu” is now consider the SUBVERSION of the State.

As a result of the banning of Them “Pu’s”, Quentin Tarantino’s John Travolta classic is now re-titled “LP FICTION”, starring Vladimir puTIN as John Lennon… Imagine him on the pages of an Angry Duck magazine, come on Vlad, VOUGE motherfucker. Now that Judo is not an option, Dance to The Music, the Devil leads.

Sign O’Thymes… I think that Clint Watts just stole my analysis, goD Damned grunt. Eye swears, an electrician is an electrician aquí y en la Luna, hence, Ruskie tankers give D.A.T. a baaaaah-d name.

Submitted for your meditating techniques, in the same tome, from Page Tú, and all that Jazz… Ma’Donna as a Siren part One, Mouvement sitting down.

Pop corn

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