And, Charline Vanhoenacker… Let Mí be your Huckleberry, Erik Satie

Le Journal du 13éme:

It’s a GAMBLE, let it RIDE.


— “It’s Hadley!”
— Don’t worry, this is 2022, you’ll be able to sue her!!!.

Blazing Saddles.

La Curva Catering – Kielbasa traiteur

— Hey, Ewe over D.A.R.E.! What’s your nomenclature?

— Admiral Stradivarius, sir.

— Listen, limp-weed, tell Kelly Kobayashi³ to leave corrugated cardboard at point Bee in the perimeter. Beds are for nanas y ninas.

³.~ Bob Hope wishes that Eye spelt your name properly.

Accidental Crowley… Black is White, Red is Blue and Eye wants a bucket of Chickn’, period.

Dia de Los Inocentes en la Ucrania. Russia ignores the sign on The Doors.

This is a Nocturne, by Frédéric ‘fucking’ Chopin.

Doc Holliday walks into Radio France, hilarity ensues when the GO’ill de Niza orders a Margherita with pineapples as a complement.

Je suis Doc Holliday, et je suis un Anti-Christ.

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