This post has Knot bean Rat-ed out

KEYWORD: coincidencia de intereses, en Fràncés es «  conflict of interest »… but, the IHEAL has not invented, IT!, —yet!!!

is of course, a fag… and here is WHY:
Ewe’r SOCIAL CONTRACT is full of WHOLES, but most importantly, (it’s TROU, Foo’)
{and} Ewe know, IT!
that the HALO in that A ⇓ issssSuspect:

… but that is just CALVIN speaking

¡Ay, Bárbara!… didn’t EWE know? CALVIN is a Lamb in disguise… is KNOT kosher, but it is a COSTUME.

Here is your « DM »…

En fin, following Susan Vega on the Susana PUVEDA Show, Audrey is moving to New York, New York.

Expressión Latina, with Alanis “del Castillo” Fujimori… it’s like WATERGATE, but for cholos

La Unión es La Fuerza… Al revés de réves..

Fuck Ewe, England

L.A. Is My Lady

Yada, yada, and EYE, quotes: Fuck Judie Garland!!

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