It’s 10 am January 28, 2011 in Pacific Standard Time

RAM{S} Airlines

Coincidentally, KATTY Kay, Mika is airborne going {towards} the other güey…
Katty Kay is our resident “Pop Psychologiste” and Donnie Deutsch is a son-of-a-bitch, period!

And in WaWa Land, Stephanie Ruhle is definetly a CYBORG from New Jersey, she can do the 11h, and the 9h in less than 24 hours. And she’s boosted! Steph’s handler, a bow-tie medical kind from HOUSTON {not} street is working an additive to ship La Pundita to shitholes around the world and eradicate all of the Corona’s there.

BREAKING The News… don’t shoot the messenger, here’s ART


In an bizarrely move, taken out of the Comic Book section of the BANDE DESINÉE floor of the Georges Pompidou Centre, Jason Alexandre (Georgie Constanza) joined forces with FLORENCE CASSEZ and kidnapped “little” JERRY SEINFELD.

Oh, the humanity, well, at least “Little” Jerry Seinfeld will be able to read M A U S without having to worry about The Monkees in Knoxville, TN.

Sources close to the Picasso exposition at Le Grande Palais relay that Georgie and an unidentified “disaster artist”, probably José Díaz-Balart³, stached “little” JERRY SEINFELD in the basement of the ESPACE CARDIN at n° oNe, Ave. Gabriel at Paris 8th.

https ://www .imdb .com /title /tt0697724/

³.~ That motherfucker, just dropped a BOMB CYCLONE on a Pennsylvania bridge, but at least that AMERICANO-CUBAN knows how to properly pronounce Kyiv.

https ://edition .cnn .com /2022/01/28 /us /pittsburgh-bridge-collapse /index.html

AF 2324 to Acapulco.

Botellita de Jerez follows… Please stand-by for SHITS*h*o*w?

ALARMA! AlarmaLA de Toux, UnoDosTrés… talk about “taking a page” from my ABUELITA’s favorite crime magazine.

In LOCAL NEWS, POLICE are breaking record numbers at the MOURGE, the cause of death: SUICIDE… tendencies.

Sources close to the LOCAL Orange in France relay the following:

https ://www .thelocal .fr /20190409 /its-a-massacre-one-french-police-officer-commits-suicide-every-four-days/

The upside to this depressing newsbit is that the Préfecture de Police is always hiring.

In The Vicinity of HOUSTON {ST} near SAINT PATRICK’S CATHEDRAL at 30 ROCK cops are going down like ICE T on ‘the block’.

https ://abc13 .com /houston-crime-police-officer-shot-hpd-shooting-mcgowen /11515200/

And starring as MSNBC’$ $TEVE $CHMIDT, the guy who put Newt on the map, just like Mr. $chmidt did for Sarah Palin. And Mr. Schmidt,in all seriousness, last night on DEADLINE WASHINGTON with Nicolle Wallace, you sounded just like a RUSSIAN TELEVISION pundit (John Mill Ackerman, perhaps) with all of the “feel-good-fuzzy-feeling” propaganda about “AMERICA” being the greatest DEMOCRACY in all of the HISTORY of The World (perhaps in a MEL Brooks movie, but only if a FRENCH fuck rehashes his show, like the cover of this new RAG).

In the role of Kurt Bordella’s abuelita is a Kansas City Chiefs fan by the name of Claire McCaskill… On Twilight Time. In Other Words, “Let Mí Roll It“.

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