Do You Remember? WEEKS IV {and} V, September MMXI

Previously, on BREAKDOWNS (ahora en Blanco y Negro), “Little Jerry Seinfeld” was getting ready for his first coq fight.

After the break, it’s Hey, Jude… ahora con Tololoche.


In real time, across the river from La Conciergerie, Mbappe just stole Ebony and Ivory, and Marie Antoinette (just made out with a guy who is about to lose his liberty for life. Trou 🕳️ tragedy, but that has nothing to do with Mí.

I used to work there.
True Story.

El susodicho, was spotted with two secuaces in sequence with The Sunset after Twilight’s time… Those motherfuckers. But worry Knot!!! Guignol and Woody are have all the fingers working the case.

Semolina Pilchard, reports.

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