DISPARATES “Read That Which Has Not Been Written” — Page 9³

Behold, the inexhaustible…

³.~ … [O]r How Eye Stopped Worrying and Love the role that IMAGES play on our Knowledge of that Thing Called History.

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Remain in Sorry Eye Mispelled your Name, but La is not your best Key.
Peter Cat Recording Co
ALBUM : Bismillah (2019)
LABEL : PANACHE {de Saint-Osé}


³.~Let U.S. double check that nueve de nouveau:
Sq Root. of 9 is off-course like 666 but upside-down
“that is you’ve got to…
like multiply 9 x 9 x 9,
to Get Back and Eye Shit Ewe knot
and circle back to the motherfucking NINE!
… [A]nd Eye, quotes:

Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast… already established; look, IT!, up…side-down

9 x 9 = 81 {8+1 = 9)
81 x 9 = 7+2+9… Entonces…
That equates as to: YOU HAVE {got} TO BE FRENCH to PLAY
And This Is The Reason why Eye Can’t Pay Bills,
Chris Jansing, in the Role of THE FED’s WIFE
Dole Witt This: Fuchs You Too!

https ://www .fip .fr /emissions /live-a-fip /concert-live-fip-tour-a-bordeaux

Georges d’Di-Huberman



Full Revelación: Our promise is to never deliver expired Lampooning and/or, WO’ist, —Fake Parodies. And, Katty Kay, Georgina Moreno might see the lower part of 20 minutes in France as the unmistakable shape of Le Grand Palais en Champs-Élyséés-ésé… but Benzino Napoleoni*, named after one of the many Mercedes-Maybach S-Class en el HANGAR de Napoleón Gómez Urrutia allá en la HERMANA Monarchie constitutionnelle  parlementaire  fédérale du CaNaDa !Can’t be fooled!!! That shape on the canvas covering “La Honte” de Philippe Labro, —en MATCH— is nothing more than one of JEAN~PAUL GAUTHIER’s so-called “BOULONES”, which as the STORY NEVER TOLD GOES, were sold as “authentic Made in France shinny bolts” to el GRUPO CARSO and The Government of La Ciudad De México (CDMX).

*.~ Benzino Napoleoni :
https ://fr .wikipedia .org /wiki /Parodie# /media /Fichier :Dictator _charlie6 .jpg



Nota bibliográfica:
1.~ C’mon Man! Didn’t you get the message? What do you mean “Who You Gonna Call?… Ghostbusters {in VF} motherfucker, that’s who… check n° 3684 of Cerf-pantère. Ketch~up, RNC Steele.

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