And Oh, Sweet Irony… Santa arrived DOA after getting accidentally shot at a Mattress Sale Comercial set outside of MANS

Daphne Pettypiece, reports in re~lay from WaWa Land…

Yvré-l’Évêque (northwestern part of the HEX)_News out of France are a shocking turn of events for Santa Claus. Earlier in the transmission, precisely during a DRY-Run outside of Le Circuit des 24 Heures du Mans, Saint Nicholas, aka Saint Nick or, the motherfuckin’ Santa de Clos was shot-down by a hunter with a license to kill deer.

News of Santa’s accidental killing devasted Dairy Farms Évry where… the scoop behind that news byte {it’s TROU!} after the Local Beat at Saint-Opportune.

Santa got ran over by a raindeer… 8 Dec. 2021;  N°3687 of 20 Minutes dot France

Knot to be outdone by Thomas Corbillon folky jazz statement, Kyle Eastwood, yes that Eastwood… was spotted shooting-the-brezze inside of Le Duc de Lombards where he was staying away of the Spaghetti Legacy that “Blondie” bestowed on that SumBitch… instead of going into the Cowboys and Indians business, Kyle chose to show-up in an all denim stonewashed look, —at the scene— not sure if I was looking at a shorter version of Mayor Bill de Blasio on vacation, or that friend of Prince Andrews that got him out of THE QUEEN’s Christmas List.


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