And, Lindsey Reiser… it’s cold outside {in Hilo, Hawaii}

https ://abcnews .go .com /US /blizzard-warning-issued-hawaii-12-inches-snow-forecast/story ?id=81542659

Meanwhile on the opposite side of the Sand Clock, in Paris

Feliz Feliz Bliss. —!— Starring, Salma Hayek as Georgina Moreno in the role of La Maestra de Ceremonias en “Le Chantier³” (75012; 5 décember 2015) del ESPACIO NIEMEYER³ du PFC (Partido Comunista Francés). PATTI SMITH was LOST at LA COURNEUVE that year if MY memoría serves Mí bien.

³.https ://i1 .wp .com /asegovia3 .com /wp-content /uploads /2015/12 /recc81seau-pour-les-peoples-de-notre-amecc81rique .jpg ?ssl=1

And, Mr. Cohenare you jumping on the PARODY bandwagon? Non~Fungible Tokens? What color?

https ://futurism .com /the-byte /trump-lawyer-prison-badge-nft

Hulot was all the rage

But, FO’ist let’s Talk About BlissWitt Alex With and feliz, feliz—BLISS, con Salma Hayek y los calzones de La Chona, AKA: morena~Francia

And, Linsey Reiser, the more Eye looks at you… the more that Öüï is reminded that he’s never been to Spain… and that Eye is craving some chocolate cake… Aussie, also a Canadian Bacon with pepperoni and a triple side serving of AnAnAs, —chimichanga.

Anyhow, Avi Velshi… Öüï is taking the weekend out for a drive.

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