Over on our twitter feed: no habrá perdon para Powell

Got a problem with D.A.T.?

Collin Powell was Washington’s Dog, so says 5-foot-five inches Charlemagne at MSNBC, General Stradivarius*… or Something like that… and they can say whatever they want about the Good General, at least he was not an Iguana.

*Admiral J. George Stavridis, who was caught quoting General Powell views on canines and in particular, his “friends” at The Capital… look it up, it’s part of The Matrix.

“En 36, si nous avions eu le même matériel, nous aurions écrase FRANCO [in 2016].”

Los Hilos de FILS
Let Mí tell Ewe how it Will Bee:
the FO’ist thing about the aitch is that LA HACHE es MUDA, just like the Artificial Intelligence of the “ele“, —ese— of Los Hijos de Fils.

Guadalajara, Guadalajara
https ://www .24-aout-1944 .org /Des-tanks-aux-noms-de…
hueles a puras dunas mojadas
starring El Hijo de Alejandro Jodorowski and Dhani Harrison

INSTRUCTIONS… walk over to the North-Star Entrance of Perè Lachaise, which as Gambetta knows RUnS parallel with la rue des {Help Mí} Rondeaux and it is perpendicular to la avenue du Perè Lachaise.

@alagraphy… calling ALAgrApHY… Öüï is wondering if your “CHILDREN of The Cloud” are on the same MATRIX (rows and columns) as CLOUD NINE at Père Lachaise?… Eye know that if you take THAT TRIP you will find that to George’s left is a WINGED one and to Harrison’s upper end is ROBIN.

https ://alagraphy .com/

And Cerf-panthère… if you break, IT!… FRANCE buys it. But that is another story (punto y coma). RIGHT NOW you might be wondering what George Harrison has to do with the passing of General Colin Powell, well… let’s start with Nicaragua³ and PUNDITA {}… that tune is over on the Rolling Stones channel, and here is the Tangent for the CNRS Advance Systems:

³. Esa Morena Blanca es medio Bri{🇬🇧}TANicara{🇳🇮}Güey~enEN{🇬🇾}se, ese.
≅. https ://es .wikipedia .org /wiki /Olivia_Harrison

  1. “All we are saying,” is give PEAS a chance. And say what you will about General Powell but Eye’s guess is that you rise through a position of power with THE RUMSFELDS that your are assigned and KNOT the Cheneys that come with STINGERS attached.

Dear, David Icke… big fan of “Rowdie” Roddy Piper here

Mermafrodito… context follows, eh:



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