Dear, Presi Emmy McRon: Eye hears that you are feeling JAPANESE

FOR THE RECORD: IHEAL means “BOY”, ask Dr. Alain Rouquie at The latinamerican CASA en Saint~Germain-des-Près.

5 de octubre – Armando Segovia (

“Facing clear evidence of peril {MEXICAN WINDPOWER} from « La Rumorosa », we cannot wait for the final proof – the smoking gun – that could come in the form of a mushroom cloud, {GUST of WIND²… nevermind the Fire³, —Earth¹}.” Et°cet°era°, et°cet°era°, et°cet°era°,…

Toma Choco~latte at the IHEAL… go ahead, CHECK “SEPTEMBER”, el llamado “mes de la patria”.

¹²³. Earth, Wind & Fire – Boogie Wonderland (Official Video) – YouTube

… una de re°integro from Yesterday’s draft:

And When AT LAST the OIL DRILLING is DONE, when fossil fuels have gone the way of Les Dinos, DON’T SIT DOWNmotherfuckerIt’s Time to DIG another PLANET!!!

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