Live from Ventimilli*, casi esquina con NICE, it’s the Sopranos at the Big Screen

*:] Ventimiglia if youse knot French.
… y ya no insistas Suzi Siréne, mi corazón es mio y de nadie mas.

https ://www .fip .fr /emissions /club-jazzafip /hommage-a-dr-lonnie-smith

C’mon fuckers… ketchup:

La pila (🥁) seca.

A brand KNEW band is hitting the scene. They call themselves “The Beatles” and on October (en octubre tenía que ser) The Band is « debuting » their backwards style Deluxe Edition of “Let It Be” at the end of a long and winding career, working their way to page one (77) in New Zealand, knot Liverpool. Read all about it on the Charlie Watts edition of Rolling Stone (PUNTO y COMA) BUYER BEWARE, edition N° 136/October 2021 of RS came out defective, it’s in FRENCH.


Previously on Season 6, Episode 11 at the Pont Alexandre 3 in Paris, Carmela makes the good folks of Au Pied du Cochon an offer that they can’t refuse.

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