Segn*or Manuel Valls… Pablo Picasso has something to say

*:]… ñ

https ://www .lefigaro .fr /vox /societe /manuel-valls-immigration-tout-repenser-a-partir-de-zero-20210928

¡Vamos, majo! Móntese en las piernas de Io (not to be confused with Jupiter’s  moon, eh), de paso señor Valls, invite a Miguel Bose and here is why: Eye bet that from the list of luminaries that you grew up with some are artists that I —armando segovia— actually admire, but that I would never want to meet.

Now because i am working with limited resources i will be very—very Brief, so brief that the ride will last ONE SPINNING WHEEL ride « mo’less », which is pronounces MOW-less, ¡not MOLES!, porque ahorita Io ya merendó.

Back in 2015 you found my prescence in FRANCE in conflict with the The Year of México in France… se acuerda usted Sr. Ministro? Bueno, para causa y efecto let’s say that your memory won’t allow you to think about that incident because you probably know where I am headed with this, ISSY, I am headed to Lille, not NICE.

With that in mind, Madame Mayor (Hidalgo, 75000—CEDEX) let me wrap a lien around you just in case Mr. Valls wants to run for your current post once you leave your position at EL AYUNTAMIENTO, think of this as un pase para VERONICA (suerte taurina del primer tercio, no la cocaina para la novia del otro día)… so if you are really thinking of OverHauling your immigration version for the masses start with the ACADEMIC TOURISTs that come to France to sow their wild oats at Sciences Po, l’ENA and of course la bendita Sorbonne and then, Monsieur concejero de Barça, go back to their countries to become the loyal bureaucrates and fonctionnaires of dictators, quasi-dictators, and/or corrupt regimes like the one in Mexico, which (as an independent academic researcher) legally brought me to FRANCE in 2011 under the auspices of a TALENTS and Skills visa.

Cambio de Tercio

I am going to request a el JUEZ de PLAZA que por favor no saque a los embestidores, let ME, motherfucker… enjoy la faena sin necesidad de debilitar a la bestia, que en este ruedo en forma de blog es usted.

Muleta en mano, don Manuel, le comentó que… el monarca del trincherazo, es Silverio y esta MONTERA va por le caporal-chef Maxime Blasco. Cualquier parecido con los soldados de Afghanistan en la portade de LA ECRAN DE VEILLE, edición de lanzamiento o, como dice La Legión Extranjera, la N°1es pura SALMA HAYEK en DOGMA.

https ://fr .wikipedia .org /wiki /Trinchera_ (passe)

With all due respect, Presidente Macron… i don’t select the news of “The Night Before”, heck you were the Ministre de l’Économie, de l’Industrie et du Numérique when the MEXICAN ARMY brought it’s CIRCUS to Town…. Vielle for all the LAZY Americans at La SORBONNE meansWOKENESS“, AUSSI… Mr. President, Öüï is talking BIG BALLS here, not VALLS.

https ://www .la-croix .com /France /hommage-national-caporal-chef-Maxime-Blasco-letincelle-courage-2021-09-29-1201177888

https ://fr.wikipedia .org /wiki /Passe_de_poitrine

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