Live from Ventimilli*, casi esquina con NICE, it’s the Sopranos at the Big Screen

*:] Ventimiglia if youse knot French.
… y ya no insistas Suzi Siréne, mi corazón es mio y de nadie mas.

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C’mon fuckers… ketchup:

La pila (🥁) seca.

A brand KNEW band is hitting the scene. They call themselves “The Beatles” and on October (en octubre tenía que ser) The Band is « debuting » their backwards style Deluxe Edition of “Let It Be” at the end of a long and winding career, working their way to page one (77) in New Zealand, knot Liverpool. Read all about it on the Charlie Watts edition of Rolling Stone (PUNTO y COMA) BUYER BEWARE, edition N° 136/October 2021 of RS came out defective, it’s in FRENCH.


Previously on Season 6, Episode 11 at the Pont Alexandre 3 in Paris, Carmela makes the good folks of Au Pied du Cochon an offer that they can’t refuse.

Dig it… on the set with The Masked Singer

Like a Rolling Stone
Like a Rolling Stone
Like a Rolling Stone

Tattoo You, Track 5 and SIX:
V._ Black Limousines, PAGE 248, [ibid., TOURNOUX ’64] ; “Dans la voiture personnelle du Führer”.
SIX._ Neighbors, to the East « les boches » to the South, “les grenouilles contre les grenouilles.”

Like the FBI
And the CIA
And the BBC

Just the facts, Sirene Claire. S.v.P… So Pena de que “tus labios” se te hagan ChiShahRron.

B.B. King

BBBFEA74-F8DE-4011-A894-5E019701BD89… Deer, Rachel Maddow, “Watch this space ».

And Doris Day…
Matt Busby!

… [A]nd Katty Kay, of course you know that Sam Stein is strained through the Reyes bloodline, right? What do you think makes of Sam an Ugly Mexican, an Espontáneo knot a Sachverständiger, “or whatever.” 👄 Page 252 [ibid. Tournoux ’64] AND SALMA HAYEKSam Stein was not expecting your role in Mayor Pete’s “Oscar Meyer” infraSchtrucTuraTion solution for people WHO never Walk in El Ey!!!! Gooooo Dodgers! 🥋🥋🥋

Dig it
Dig it
Dig it
Dig it
That was “Can You Dig It?” by Georgie Wood
And now we’d like to do “Hark the Angels Come

Tops… people WHO know, know that Tops is a leftover corrido de “Les Cailloux” from CATHERINE DENEUVE’s « Little Coco’s Head Soup ». In the frame the inspiration for Black Limousine, a fuckin’ Mobile (Alabama) heißes Würstchen 🌭


Track 8; TOPS.

🥁 Watts 🔭

Like A Rolling Stone and Le Hôtel Britannique presents:

Infâme République…
based on a Trou 🕳 story

by: M. HenRi de Gaulle
légitimiste, monarchiste de arrepentimiento…
possibly an Early Model—T enthusiast.

Power’s out. Chapter One, where a botanist fellow from the Lamarck clan avant-proposes his dirty french fingers onto the pages of PÉTAIN & DE GAULLE … in the process, H. Taine introduces Science (capital EsE) to the oldest profession in academia (lowerCase Ahhhh!) HISTORIa.

PAGE 15_Prèmiere Partie

Tout Recommence à Paris

Featuring: Unser Mann in Stone [s] henge

Joe Friday:
Lorem ipsum… yada, yada, yada just the facts Mr. Crowley, leave “las marrulladas” para los « canallines » y para el « MALO » de La Jornada.


https ://heraldodemexico .com .mx /tendencias /2020/7/24/ quien-es-ricky-riquin-canallin-por-que-se-volvio-tendencia -195175 .html

https ://jornada .com .mx /notas /2021/08/24 /politica /amlo-anaya-un-marrullero-que-no-me-eche-la-culpa/

Rudolph ⚒ Hess 🔮

Dedicated to the tanks of the Second Armor Division (LA NUEVE)… porque no es lo mismo cruzar por La Dronne, que tener que andar lidiando con un, ¡la Dron, eh!

La metamorphosis, o algo así (same Yardbird on page 15):

« Un historiador podrá actuar como un naturalista: miraba [Mr. H.] mi tema como si estuviera mirando la metamorfosis de un insecto³ », said the Celebrated Mr. H., while HenRi the Horse dances the waltz.

³.) Hippolyte Taine.