Over on our Twitter crutch… it’s all Crickets, and That’s the way Öüï likes it

The October Commune de Paris Classic 2021

Page 666: Splish Splash / Stand By Me (punto y coma) followed on p. 667 by non other than The Star Spangled Banner… And Little Steven at the Underground Garage, page 665 preceeds all [THAT JAZZ ] with SPIDERS and SNAKES… look, IT!, UP—motherfucker.

Let Mí Take Ewe down… Strawberry Filelds [in frames, ésé]

PAGE 453: MEMORY (from CATS).
Music by A. L. WEBBER
Text by T. NUNN after T.S. ELIOT.

Indies Short Tails vs The Washington Pentagrams
https ://www .rollingstone .com /politics /politics-news /havana-syndrome-crickets-not-microwaves-report– 1235163/


On the same sphere Eye noted that @jonlemire was such an Actor, yada, yada, yada. The reason for that, Cousin Joe, is that yesterday during your holiday in Nantucket, AP Lemire threw some major shade on the “Classic-lovin'” mélomanes Issy*, vato.

*; / French cacophonie for the English translation of “HERE”, ese.

Now given our reduced resources, Öüï cannot bring you a snapshot of the screengrab so our new Intern, Wheeeeee, is going to paraphrase the conversation for your sorry Bostonian ass… Gooooo, Dodgers!

In contexto.

Top seating from right to left, Creme Tangerine and Montelimar
Bottom row, a ginger sling and pineapple heart

In a new tell-all book, “deepthroat” confidant Bob Woodward and that PBS guy with a Méditerranéen last name (probably from Macedonia) Bob Costa, detailed how POTUS 45° was soothed with Broadway tunes when he got angry. It must be noted that Lemire pouted dissatisfaction (kind of sort of like Diego Luna does) when saying the following:

https ://www .newsweek .com /trump-was-allegedly-kept-brink-rage-song-cats– 1633691

[A]nd then she said that aids rushed in with his favorite tunes, such as “Memories” from the musical CATS when they heard Trump scream in anger³, while sitting at The Resolute Desk (which was quite often).

³.)_ No mentioning if Mr. Trump “ever looked back” while fuming at The White House.

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