Querido Pablo… los Ecos de Pat Robertson and A New World Order

And Cousin Joe… i took a deliberate break this morning to hover over Point Nº4 (of Umberto’s echos of fascism) and of course, to rediscover Pablito’s masterpiece: YOLANDA.

AND NICOLLE WALLACE... a pandemic among the un-vaccinated is exactly—EXACTLY how zombie land populates. Which brings me back to PABLO, who just put out a new Album called “DONDA”, ¿donde? you ask, in Yo' Land A*.

* America sin acento.

Keep On Rocking in the Looney Tunes Bin 🏀.

And Claire McCaskill… lose the collar, keep the Ale, many-many Ale. And Claire, that room just doesn’t match the Tranquility Base transmission pod of your neighbor to my Right–your Left. And Claire McCaskill… it’s Knot the RouterS, it’s them SwitcheS. And Claire, you see that guy in the corner, opposite to Nicolle? That’s Charlie, and he just jumped on “The Guardians” bandwagon by renaming his dog “Modem” from “Moulder”. Charlie, a staunch Republican, shamed his adult children into immigrating to France, KNOT BECAUSE OF HIS POLITICS, but because of the Ex-Files “crazy Jewish lasers” who stole The Ancient Aliens 2022 mid-term elections. Charlie has a sick sense of humor, the fucker named his cat, “Mouse”. And Claire, “Don’t Go Eh•NY•Where!

And in Paris… Luc Frelon is of course, a fag.

https: //www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2021/07/25 /cultura /pablo-milanes-se-suma-a-artistas-que-apoyan-protestas-en-cuba/

Now before i switch, IT!, off for the duration of my weekly compromise with An Establishment where Evry Body knows Your name, i am going to remind your dumb-Alabama Country lawyer-ass that i am not jumping on any of the Nueva Trova bandwagon, and Mika, please remind that fetus looking fellow (Mike Barnicle) that Eye did tell his Bostonian ass that TEENY TINY CAT WAS RE•TI•RED from the political fight in Cuba… but that CAT never surrender his conviction that in order to bring a new sense of freedom in that Island, Willie Geist, Congresswomen Alexandria Ocasio-C. is on the right side of History.

In Local news:

Joke’s on the Polynesians, Marianne sent Présidente Macron’s doppelgänger, our Friend in Normandy (75th Anniversary March) Seth Macron.

And not to be outdone by Mexican usos y costumbres, French présidente Emmanuel Macron turns into a flower stand. Agent Angle reports.

Meanwhile in Polynesia… it was a consensus agreement, a unanimous decision from the judges, frog legs do indeed taste like chicken… and this one was evidently a free-range cock.


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