Hoy no hubo Maracas… Venezia.

And in the End… fucking Tortellini, again. 🇮🇹🏆


¡Ay, Lorenzo 🇮🇹! Casi casi metes gol… minuto 14

Inglaterra 1 – ROMA 0

Consider it a yellow telescope.

Ladies in Gemini, loss of signal prevented us from bringing you the Avi Velshi International Spymaster Show, Sin Embargo, Avi Velshi is on the reticle and Kentucky Windage is in full-Effect.

Now then, kind audience, please be advised that “Honi Soit que Mal y Pense », yada yada yada, a picture can say a Thousand words but full disclosure: when the INSTITUTION places more of an OuTRAGE on the messenger, than on the ACCUSATION, and then rewards the offenders with — PAGO EN ESPECIE — then you know that the more things change, the more the INSTITUTIONS (including you Saint Eustache) remain like The Vatican during the See of Pio XII, just saying, don Francisco; pero sí, Evry body today is celebrating the Temple di María.

🎵 Balón
La marcha
La marcha
La marcha del golazo solitario

Flavius Cianciarulo
Monk Thelonious, et. al.

Niño Luc, yo soy tu padre, dijo Vicentico.

¡Qué Golazo… SOLITARIO!

1/2 time England Up.

Context on LatinUS follows, but FO’ist minuto 66 Italia anota

Rosbifs 1️⃣ —  1️⃣ Pepperoni

… 90 + 6 yada yada yada, penalties, and Zeppelin blew up here, so… swimming and penalties, noted.


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