Closed for “in-vent-ario”

It’s 19h in Paris. And weeee’ez back, and CHOSI CHOSI, — if you insist, “just [ice] for you Eye bakes a π » 🎺

🎶 una marca de cerveza me ha vendido ya—LA forma de mi cabeza...

Pero que conste (You Asked For little ol’Mí) i need Ewe, Bugsy 🐰, to focus on the Wood… and no Siegel 🎩, this post is not about you; this here post is at the request of an American Priest in Paris and it’s the Bottom the ThO’id and Dreyfus is at the Plate, it happens to be Pa’ella because Burrata has the night off.

Ahora cuéntame una de vaqueros.

… jump to Page, tú Siegel. But first, let’s add context to The Catcher in the RAI, which of course it’s television de ROMA and in Tamaulipas Roma es AMOR, i know — i know it’s a though circle to square but this is why for Ewe i baked a π with INDIGO in it.

And there is really no way to fit all of today’s news because as Philippe Labro was explaining before he headed out on vacation [possibly to a former colony] like Haiti, where A commando killed the seating president and another revolution is sbout to take place.

Machete Amellado presents: Hey, Bugsy… youse so vain Eye probably thinks that this post is about you (punto y coma) everybody knows that it is about “El Piolín” por la mañana, look it up.

¡Ándale, andále —[H]and, ale por favor.

TIJUANA, if Vice-President Harris is listening, please remind her that MANU CHAO, him too aussi is VACATIONING in some exotic land, possibly learning to shadow box inside of a colonial style kabuki set.

Any how, Girl [VP Harris] if you don’t hear from Mí, don’t you go denying that right about now—PhatBoï Slime would say that a photo OP’ with the Haitians in Tijuana, Madame Vip-Vip, would have gone a long GÜEY in showing gravitas to “The Situation” (punto y coma) instead, you opted to invoke Child Separation from El Chuco, —Mr. Crowley was all giddy ’bout, IT!, don’t get Mí Wrong, Öüï loves the symbolism, but Gad Elmaleh, eh! Eye served you the mariscos frescos y ni las moscas.

Same goes por El Metro Balderas… i told you that a SobreDosis de Cemento was not going to have time to change [some peoples] lives, o algo periférico así, perro, perdón, —pero! quise decir.

I anne tellin’ Ewe, Madame Hidalgo, your tourism board think that they (those mothefuckers) have a sense of humor. Eye will put them to the Test. 🎬 in local news, Joy Anne Reid stars as Silent Bob in the Manu Chao Bi-Opic: Nobody Walks in El Ey.

And Rachel Maddow, what’s your astrological sign? Mine is ZODIACO… and Florence Cassez can’t deny that; not when the guy who tortured her pretty little ass in Mexico is now, like Genaro G. Luna, behind bars… just like Florence’s former half, VALLARTA.

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