proméxico revisited 22/06/2017 “cero a la izquierda”

En contexto, hace apenas unas horas tuve la oportunidad de establecer contacto con uno de los representantes en París, Francia (knot Texas) de Zapantera Rosa, el colectivo que une a los Black Panthers y a Los Zapatistas en —valga la estrofa— un lienzo.

“¡Me castigaron por decir la verdad!”, el « Glison »

https ://asegovia3 .com /2017/06/27 /los-ang-eh-les-nineteen-eighty-four/

From the collection Eye Saved Andy Warhol and the producers of why I hate the Sixties 🇬🇧 comes the story of “El Campeón”, Track One of “*Urbanistoriasla hache was stolen « por una marca de cerveza »”.

Alessandro… you like Jazz?
_*!*_ Cuahtémoc, Chihuahua got the He! That year (2012) en Los Filtros… luego en el 2021 en Sonora contra el PUEBLO YAQUÍ son los agro-narcos los que se roban el agua… en el 2010, al GRUPO CARSO le regalarón el sub suelo acuífero de CIUDAD JUÁREZ, Chihuahua… aguas—you betcha, bitch!

Any how, Dr. Valenzuela, news from our conversation made our news radar after my brief conversation WITH the people that your political acolytes hate (Heine en francés del bueno) I mention this tidbit on account that after presenting my credentials to Mr. Zapantera à Paris he asked me how i, armando segovia, ended up in the homeless brigade of Paris.

Narrated by space junkie and physicist, Dr. Neil Degrasse Tyson.

Here’s a starting point, Alessandro: PEGASUS report, an Israeli company hired by the Mexican government to spy on all of who the then president Felipe Calderón Hinojosa considered his enemies… El diario LA JORNADA WANTS TO PEG THIS ON Enrique Peña Nieto, but it really belongs to ALEJANDRO Poiré Romero, ex-Secretary of the Interior (Gobernación) whom we happened to have covered at SCIENCES PO and The Mexico House at Cité International (75014) Universitaire de Paris back in 2012.


Al otro lado de La Mancha URBANA de Baltimore, Maryland:

DEAR, Eddie Gloude Jr., There is NOTHING — Nothing “Quijotesco” about Annie Karni!… Wait! Knot Karni, i meant to write Sancho Panza! And to picture the picture for Dr. Jason Johnson*… here’s the steal: 🏀

* Dr. Jason Johnson plays a Medical Pundit on the Dulcinea Wallace show.

1. First, because there is NOTHING — Nothing crazy about Annie Karni… FUCK!!! I meant to write Donald’s Panza ⛹🏽‍♂️

This is the picture of a Windmill, and unless you have talked to George Clooney about it, or read Umberto Eco’s “How To Spot a fascist, in six Bacons or less”, don’t you go comparing this synecdoche to El Ingenioso Hidalgo (not to be confused with Annie’s Torpes Tourism Tropes).

2. Secondly… Jonathan LeMire (AP Le Mire) should not get ahead of the graphics with his new toy, ‘the teleprompter’… It’s way too Early, to bring in Brian Williams long lost illegitimate nephew.

pg. 31 Recognizing fascism, by Umberto Eco (para freseados):

There was only one kind of nazism, and the phalangism hypercatholique of Franco cannot be labeled nazism because nazism is fundamentally pagan, polytheistic and, anti christian (“I Am An Antichrist,” but I am not a fucking nazi, Umberto) otherwise (says Mr. Eco) it is not nazism.

Oh, hey Malcolm Nance, now don’t go denying that you have been in on this joke (punto y coma) if only Chris Matthews was still around the peacock coop, i mean, he did have access to the NBC Video Vault. It’s on deadline, your comment about having ears and eyes on our phone is on Deadline with Dulcinea Wallace, and paraphrasing that exasperated trademark warning of yours, “we can hear you and we can see you”. I knew that since like the THEYS of “Operation Fast and Furious” from Columbus, New Mexico to Casas Grandes, Chihuahua.

3. Turn to page Tú, Besos 💋

Closed for “in-vent-ario”

It’s 19h in Paris. And weeee’ez back, and CHOSI CHOSI, — if you insist, “just [ice] for you Eye bakes a π » 🎺

🎶 una marca de cerveza me ha vendido ya—LA forma de mi cabeza...

Pero que conste (You Asked For little ol’Mí) i need Ewe, Bugsy 🐰, to focus on the Wood… and no Siegel 🎩, this post is not about you; this here post is at the request of an American Priest in Paris and it’s the Bottom the ThO’id and Dreyfus is at the Plate, it happens to be Pa’ella because Burrata has the night off.

Ahora cuéntame una de vaqueros.

… jump to Page, tú Siegel. But first, let’s add context to The Catcher in the RAI, which of course it’s television de ROMA and in Tamaulipas Roma es AMOR, i know — i know it’s a though circle to square but this is why for Ewe i baked a π with INDIGO in it.

And there is really no way to fit all of today’s news because as Philippe Labro was explaining before he headed out on vacation [possibly to a former colony] like Haiti, where A commando killed the seating president and another revolution is sbout to take place.

Machete Amellado presents: Hey, Bugsy… youse so vain Eye probably thinks that this post is about you (punto y coma) everybody knows that it is about “El Piolín” por la mañana, look it up.

¡Ándale, andále —[H]and, ale por favor.

TIJUANA, if Vice-President Harris is listening, please remind her that MANU CHAO, him too aussi is VACATIONING in some exotic land, possibly learning to shadow box inside of a colonial style kabuki set.

Any how, Girl [VP Harris] if you don’t hear from Mí, don’t you go denying that right about now—PhatBoï Slime would say that a photo OP’ with the Haitians in Tijuana, Madame Vip-Vip, would have gone a long GÜEY in showing gravitas to “The Situation” (punto y coma) instead, you opted to invoke Child Separation from El Chuco, —Mr. Crowley was all giddy ’bout, IT!, don’t get Mí Wrong, Öüï loves the symbolism, but Gad Elmaleh, eh! Eye served you the mariscos frescos y ni las moscas.

Same goes por El Metro Balderas… i told you that a SobreDosis de Cemento was not going to have time to change [some peoples] lives, o algo periférico así, perro, perdón, —pero! quise decir.

I anne tellin’ Ewe, Madame Hidalgo, your tourism board think that they (those mothefuckers) have a sense of humor. Eye will put them to the Test. 🎬 in local news, Joy Anne Reid stars as Silent Bob in the Manu Chao Bi-Opic: Nobody Walks in El Ey.

And Rachel Maddow, what’s your astrological sign? Mine is ZODIACO… and Florence Cassez can’t deny that; not when the guy who tortured her pretty little ass in Mexico is now, like Genaro G. Luna, behind bars… just like Florence’s former half, VALLARTA.