Deer, Reverend Al Sharpton…

Come hell or highWaWA i am having a bucket of chicken for lunch.

€ Tree-Fiddy! 🐣 Just exactly are you getting them Chicken Tenders from, Colonel? From Belleville? You know that La IdF is Tang Territory, drop some fucking ramen in that bucket and make it an even FO’.

Deer, Lorde!!! What have you done? The Kernel has removed THE CHICKEN FROM THE BUCKET!!! Où sont les filets, monsieur Des Champs, où, madafaka! Où? What is this “chicken tender” shit or “ Hot Wings ‘choice’… know what Eye is sayin’?

Ask a real Mexican definition is courtesy of some generous internauta on facebook®️ who went ahead and dropped some knowledge on the intertubes of the Webmaster of the Internet. 👁 And Roger, congrats on the success—but i am telling you, keep an Eye on the Wood 🌬💨

Da’Funk happened to the thighs, the little piece that all the fools forget, and of course the BRaEST, what did you do to the breast’es-es-Ese? C’mon, FRANCE, show U.S. a little breast

Mr. Des Champs, maybe you can fool the Frogs and the occasional Rosbiffi basterd that walks into Kentucky FC, but Didier youse dealing with a producer that knows His Chicken—Youse got to know Your Chicken!

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