Previously on, I think that Avi Velshi is turning Japanese. Eye seconds D.A.T.

Tuesday, May before Memorial They:

Deer, Little Nicolle Wallace*, Little Gary K showed up to play “don’t eat the Bishop”, so; knowing that John Heilemann (that little motherfucker) has been out of the picture for the Spring semester, Öüï thought that ‘Curly’ would appreciate a little CONTEXT on the “Cuba Segment Cancellation Call” which, EVRY Body watching last night heard you say before the start of the BREAKING NEWS, that you had got my TWO-Minute delay warning about Trump’s Inc. and their Russian buddies. For the record, and you will see on the next Check, that i saw The Washington Post “wire” before your little producers ever even thought of Fidel beaming “hang over-grade headaches” from the Havana Hilton. Get It? Habana Hilton… What’s Next: The HUGO CHÁVEZ’ “little Sean Penn” youth-sapo brigade?

Hilo Hawaii Stranded Thyme with a Bucket of She-Ken

After the break The Atlantic talks about Transnationals and the “democratic hosts” that misunderstood Dem.

With Bibi’s delight’s in the rear-view mirror, Colbert out of the game and, Constantine at the plate (punto y coma) one out—no strike, a score of 3 and Oh for the home team and Henry Salvador edging to steal second, Öüï hits the ground running with a new pickle in the Knot so friendly skys:
and… our neighbors in Samoa.

Deer, Donnie Deutsch, don’t laugh, but… James CarVile will agree with me: Republican honcho Michael Steele (that sucker) is the epitome of American bandwagonism (Punto y Coma) i mean, James it is knot as if i enjoy seeing a jar-head on the 11th Hour, but the nerve of that fucker to wear a baseball cap without little Lincoln on his back. Lincoln—like Britney and, Eye might add, CUBA did knotting wrong. NOTHING.

https ://euobserve /world /151927

A.I. technology cannot and will never match straight in your phase Reidouts. And STEVE KAPLOWITZ at El Paso Inc., here’s why get your 🍿 palomitas (i’m Sírius, ask Quentin, knot Tarantino)… you might not recall that a few Theys ago Eye noted that Michael Schmidt had been swallowed Whole by part-time Times Square street character actor on the Morning Mika Show: fat bastard. Rachel eyebrows are a dead give-a-wey that Rachel has Michael Schmidt in her tummy and she’s about to pass a 💎diamond.

https ://youtube .com /watch?v =WqSTXuJeTks

TALK about UFO’s
or TRUMP’s Inc. Grand Jury Injunction

And, Nicole Wallace:

how’bout those DOJ memos to convict Trump Inc. Guess what? Them “memos” got lost in the Post Master’s General mail room… and not to compare that with The Shoa, but you [Donnie Deutsch] are correct. This is how it starts, that is to say when everybody is in on the joke and they make the conscious option to stay quiet.

Any hoot, never mind the obstruction of justice in WaWa land, because if it’s Tuesday, it’s Last Week to They.

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