… [A]nd in Paris, André-Gustave Citroën is obliterating vehicular singing with a Black Box in every car

 Vale por un Bono en Groundhog Day:

Mexican Lottery follows, From The Top—One’Mo A GAIN.


Deer, Parisien de Aujourd’hui…

I smelled Valls… no espera, es•pera Knot Valls, Manuel, scratch D.A.T. it’s GAZ, not Valls- whom I personally smelled dropping-in back in 2013 when The Mexican Embassy in Paris acted like what is being described by The Atlantic as, “transnational oppressor”, en Panamæ, sadly, the Unesco followed in 2016 when el hijo de don Porfirio, issued a “he not like u.s., real Mexicans à Panamæ” (punto y comieron) he’s from the side of la casa del Patrón (Bernardo Gómez) en Santa Monica, California, casi esquina con Univision [antes de la fusion con LatinUS].

https ://www .thelocal .fr /20130624 /france-considers-car-crash-black-boxes/?amp

In other Knew Knormal KNEWS, SPACE X Rocket launches are becoming as normal as gun shootings in Snowflakeland U.S.A.. I know, it’s a shitty comparison, but pundit, i don’t select the news i just play the hand.

https ://www .spacex .com /launches /index.html

And, Pundita… please relay to them Deadline producers that here’s the ticket, because a picture without context is like a bumper sticker, or a stupid tee-shirt slogan.

And willie Geist…

Eye got the moves, Mick Jagger.

And, Peter Alexander, never mind Pedro from Yesterday, It’s Alexandro’s fault… BALD POWER!!!

Look’y here, hippies, anyone who can turn wood pallets into an indoor barn door carries the sign of a wholesome specimen… pinto beans on the wall, what a heck is that? And Eugene, it’s Wednesday, not Sunday, sonny. Deer, John Heilemann, if you are  knot reading this: You Are Fired! Curly.

And Nicolle, if you want to go To Cuba, go… but the Yankees no cantan tan mal las habaneras. Adam Entous reports from the BETTER CALL SAUL big brother house… remember that character’s illness, [in] if you follow that series?

https ://breakingbad .fandom .com /wiki /Chicanery

Anyhow, Mr. Entous, fuck the University of Pennsylvania, if you want to get to the bottom of them brain injuries go to any Cuban clinic… they have the best doctors in the world… a U.S.-sponsored crippled system, but the best medicines  du monde. And isn’t it ironic—and Negrita, that’s what i am talking about… “Amarillo no me pongo, amarillo es mi color”.

“¡El avión! — El avión” ✈️ Mexican Lottery follows, From The Top—One’Mo A GAIN. 🏴 ♟

🎶 The beat goes on

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