Told you ’bout, It… Bee Happy!

Extra! Extra!!! Reid all about, It!

The 2021 Happiness World Report, or something like that is out this week, THE REPORT, however missed the French confinement closure and so, the  happiness factor for them Frogs needs to be adjusted for inflation from here… TO THE MOON, Siren. To the Mooney.

But FO’ist, Jesse James was a fag… and here’s why,


It’s the top of the First Inning and Henry Dunant just put Colbert, that motherfucker, on stretchers and that SumBitch is out of here. Hidalgo got a standing ovation from all of the empty stands at the Pershing Memorial Baseball Field à Vincennes. Henry Salvador heads to first base to cover for Colbert (that motherfucker).

Up next at bat is Voltaire. If you can believe D.A.T.!

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