Tourist as a definition goes the way of the fags

“Tourists don’t storm gates, yada yada yada…”, said the guy from PunchBowlNews.

https ://edition .cnn .com /videos /politics /2021/05/13 /republican-andrew-clyde-ralph-norman-capitol-riot-vpx .cnn

MARK the Theys, to they is the they that the WorD “tourist », went the ⏳ way ⌛️ of the “gay”.

and here, mi querida i-griega, is Why:

Exhibit a).

In Washington, Cousin Joe ate Michael Schmidt from The New York Times and, por si sobrara menos, stole Schmidt’s fleece jacket and Joe was last seen frunciendo las cejas as if he was digesting a piece of coal and shiting a diamond.

Fist bump?… what is this, April 2021? Give each other a hug, and then go eat mashed potatoes at the Cracker Barrel… 🗣 those were the Theys, oh yes those were the Theys. LA LA LA LA—LA LA … repeat as kneaded.

Exhibit b)… no purple no rainbow, there is only green.

“If you own a cowboy hat, —you might be a redneck,” (FOXworthy dix it), period, but if you own a MAGA hat you are most definitely a fag.

“We rolled in, kicked ass, and took shit over. Is that what a fag does?”

From the legendary South Park
“F-word” episode…

google it, —you fags!

CircumDocumAnecdotal evidence:

I’ve seen that movie (cover) too… so what’s The Point (in French).

And finally, if you don’t get this reference:

[… Jane Doe]

Six-five; six-nine with the afro… And in Paris, France, Josephine Baker is obliterating unwritten norms at Odéon.

Then Ewe too are a fag.

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