Nicole asked for, IT!… and here’s Mássss

“!Know Mássss, know mássss¡”¹

COINCIDENCE? You decide, but the fact that The Colonia de El País in Mexico City is denying that La Gran Tierra del Nopal (Tenochtitlán) was founded today, May 13th—700 years ago, smells kind of fishy when you connect the fake-dots with the name of the hacked GAS company, which of course it had to be… anyone?… [A]h fuck it, Ferris, the answer to that pipeline is: COLONIA… wanna know what the parallel to ISRAEL and the 700 club is? Ask any Chilean on the msnbc’s, it was called: Colonia Dignidad—¿quiere más?

https ://elpais .com /mexico /2021-05-13 /la-provocacion-historica-de-lopez-obrador-sobre-la-fundacion-de-tenochtitlan .html

The above quote¹ is taken straight out of Deadline WaWa Land with Nicole Wallace, for context, Charlie Sykes’ German Shepard farted just as the CDC issued a fatwa on surgical masks… provided that the ones doing the fatwa on the surgical masks is current on their coodies (pronounced KuThis) vaccines.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2021 /05 /13 /mundo /vacunados-de-eu-pueden-olvidarse-del-cubrebocas-y-la-distancia/

In WaWa Land, the dissonance with the effort to  Save-The_Earth projects was put into evidence when the disease control gurus forgot to translate the old Aztec proverb from Aztlán: ponga la basura en su lugar.

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