“Palestinians are to Israelis what Mexicans (sic) are to U.S. whites,” J. (f) K.*

LEE HARVEY OSWALD… can you fucking believe this shit? The INA went to BALTIMORE!!! And was issued the number 7. SEVEN!!! Franck Noir. Seven… do you know what that means, Lindsey Reiser? Well do you… 🥃🦃

https ://www .democracynow .org /2021/5/14 /headlines /active_duty_marine_arrested _for_assaulting_police_officer_during_january_6_insurrection

No, that’s not a typo, Victoria… that’s a teefie… after the break, the South Korean delegation catches up with The Emperor and The Président via satellite from the Baltimore Memorial dog and pony show, where Emmanuel Macron and Napoléon Bonaparte are recreating the scene at “Felina’s Cantina” in that old Texas town of El Chuco. For context, the biggest crime that you could commit under the (L)aw in the Old Wild West was to steal a horse, KNOT beheading tourists on the back of a Greyhound Bus.


“Here’s looking at you”… it’s the top of the FO’ist “y Será MELUN, o será Sanguine, será la vieja del otro día”, Colbert is pointing towards DISNEYLAND Europe (that motherfucker!¡).


https ://old .reddit .com /r /france /comments /nbmaup /lhumour_noir_peutêtre_hardcore_une _de_charlie/

* Jared (fucking) Kushner, former senior advisor to the nepotist in charge during the 45th edition of “Nosotros los gringos” in Washington, but FO’ist!!!

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2021/05/12 /opinion /014o1pol

Fair use of Charlie Hebdo… but to be fair, Los Chihuahuenses en Excellon (Ejido La Sierrita) no dejarán de operar (punto y coma) Service from  and to, the Bank of Ottawa, –remains operational, eh. 

Looking back at the Greyhound bus beheading a decade down the road

If i ever get to tell this tale the first visual will start with a Greyhound bus making its way into Philly, arriving from Quebec, and if Signal Loss permits, then the following itinerary of your Chihuahuenses ticket will connect Lomas de Poleo [Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua] con El Año de México en Francia (2011 y 2015) and of course the events that unfolded this past week in the land of the lost [the land of Cain y Abel] which the ‘First son-in-law’ just did for us vía: la lupa del profe Jalife-Rahme.

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