We begin The Ascension in Washington… where else, eh?

And, Willie Geist, you SumBitch:

It’s The 11th Hour, y’all can take your Masks Off.

With regards to the new actors in the war on V

The Mexican Embassy emailed the Unesco, the Unesco issued an alert and then the GAS PIPELINE WAS SHUT. Buzzfeed answered and the rest was chicanery*.

* … [A]nd of course you know that the parallel here, Mr. Labró, by my count anyway—dates back to the time that you started that Company, the one that delivered desks to the Future Doh-K’tors in Malawi, or some exotic place like that.

Randy Whiteness Tour, starring REGINALD DENNY direct from the L.A. Riots in 1992. On the bill, scene 4 where the violence in the Holy Hollywood Strip spills from State actors and onto the Masses, the MASS above ⬆️ Mimics  THE BALLAD OF “The L.A. FOUR” on the corner of FLORENCE and NORMANDY. Note to editors: Loss of Signal and Lack of Sleep is in full-effect.

And remember Willie Geist: Loki is the god of? Anyone… JERUSALEM, Loki is the god of? Anyone?

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