When presidents meet

But FO’ist… The Green Berets are a bunch of fags, it turns out.

https ://thehill .com /policy /defense /548792-secret-fb-groups-of-special-operations-officers-include-racist-comments-qanon

And in Russia, en Rusia no pasa nada.

One thing fo’sure is that Joe is feeling Japanese—i really think so… i just hope that the Secret Service don’t leave him alone for a second, just look what happened to this Mexican lady who was confused with a “China Poblana”, John Wayne* beat her to a pulp… that racist motherfucker!

https ://dw .com /en /ksk-german-special-forces-company-dissolved-due-to-far-right-concerns /a-54386661

* John Wayne stars as a disgruntled African American woman… because the irony about racism is that the social illness (intolerance) is color blind.

No word if “la abuelita” was wearing a Yellow Ribbon at the time.

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