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Ladies in Gemini, The College of SDF-es, ese/esa— can’t pretend to have a democracy in its meetings if this most consequential blog does not put forth the other option on the ballot. And so, with Henri Salvador in mind:

It’s just a Draft on The Wall, a draft on The Wall, a Draft on The Wall… AND Madame Hidalgo, WITH ALL DUE RESPECT, i don’t Care what the Paris TOURISM Board and The RATP says, few motherfuckers –and I mean, very few motherfuckers— in or around the Ivory Desks at La Sorbonne and other assorted Parisian institutes can make the Plan of your City look as cool as Mí can, few motherfuckers, Mayor Anne (with an “e”), just ask Mayor De Blasio, On Broadway , said a Colombian on the other side of The WALL who identified himself as GABO.

* _please pay attention to the (h)asterisk that will be showing up in a few paragraphs below because the CONTEXT for that spiel, mis Amigos de Valencia and other assorted territories of La Peninsula Ibérica, is DIRECTLY related to what VICE-President Kamala Harris said about hearing ”NO” as an answer. In this context, “the grants” are in no way related to Eddie Grant, or the whiskey brand previously featured as a prop for breakfast.  “The grants” in this context, are actual motherfucking grants awarded for research purposes, and not BOUNTIES on political dissidents like that fellow in a Russian prison that is being tortured right now, as i type this.

Y, Alicia¹ never mind Jane, she’s just a spirit now 🕶 81A8A3F7-C3F8-4884-9714-7BCFC24F92FC 🦋🎷🎶👣 In Paris, IT’S La Nuit de La Solidarite—in Washington IT’S International Women’s Month.

¹ Context may be found in the Venn Diagrams which form the Constellation of the Association Gilberto Bosques–París and Ana Anabitarte’s reportage of Florence Cassez arrival to Paris straight out of a Mexican prison.

Anyhow, back to DiMíTru for President of the college of the SDF:

Isabel Allende supports DiMíTru for President of the College of les Sans Domicile Fixe (punto y coma) and if Isabel Allende doesn’t, then perhaps SHE should consider her priorities, and of course —that bucket of chicken.

BUT FO’ist❗️Reactonary forces from the opposition to DiMíTru’s Campaign for the College of les Sans Domicile Fixe got word a couple of weeks ago, that on the Wall of la rue Jean Lantier (75001):

⚒🛠⚒🛠⚒ ⛲️ B33A72EF-344F-4E45-B2D0-9CF76B036E82 🔫

_la banda del Sr. Ojeda was doing a dance called “à la recherche de La Mula”, o algo así (punto y coma), well motherfuckers, Eye did tell you sons-of-bitches that Eye eats Grants* for breakfast, and mr. Rabbit, i am the one with the official RESEARCH card, even if la banda del Sr. Ojeda at the Prefecture de Police (2015) and at The Servicio Exterior Mexicano (2010-currently active) revoked the badge. With that in mind, i found your fucking MULA, Issy, mis Amigos: It’s a motherfucking Bronco, check it out:

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