Novena anti Carismática — The French invent The Olmecs

Note to editors:

The last time that we [the staff of this most non–consequential blog-presse] tried to dance está DANZA en el Branly, on October 2014 with The Mayas, both Armando Segovia, and Armando Serrano Prieto were sidetracked by two events, the first being the revocation of our French Talents and Skills visa, while the second involved a grand manifestation on account of a student called Julio César Mondragón, 42 of his classmates, and off-course, of course, a little league fútbol team. AUSSI, on that DAY at the Tokio Palace we had the opportunity to meet the one and only, John Mill Ackerman and his wife, plus we also secured an interview wit RAPHAËL Moran from Radio France International and the APRO (proceso) in México.

With D.A.T. in mind, ÖÜÏ begin the plegaria in Ottowa where the nun, Alanis Morrissette. In•Deed, for those keeping score of our segment, “Misheard Lyrics”, Sister Morrissette had a little trouble arranging Irony and otherwise unfortunate or untimely events into one of her spells, “and isn’t, IT, ironic?”, dearly Bee Lovers, D.A.T. the Empire that gave the World the “War On Drugs” has a doped-up tax-evading, pussy-grabbing, and liar-in-charge with the codes to blow up the Earth?

Ladies in Gemini: The Back of a RATP Bus

Ladies in Gemini: The Back of a RATP Bus 🇺🇸 8EE13144-A237-4198-9D87-B4952A9CD348 🇫🇷 It’s a hybrid, just like this year’s chemistry Nobel. —_!_— And Cousin Joe, right now the Cardinal  Brzezinski, —your first love— is on the Karaoke Machina singing something about that frame D.A.R.E. being a little on, como dicen en Amsterdam: a little THICK in the Bottom, but still is looking alright

Right now, Reverend Al, it is incumbent on the United Nations National Security Council to demand that The President of The United States, Donald John Trump be given a “time-out” under the provisions instilled in the chapter that covers “when the president goes bat-shit crazy”, so-pena de recibir los mismos putos embargos a los que Los EEUU han estado acostumbrados a girar desde el World Bank.

https ://www .nytimes .com/2020/10/08 /us /iran-sanctions-banks-united-states .html

O como dicen los franceses

O como dicen los franceses 🗯 E3FD7409-9684-499D-833C-4800CA269212 ☢️ A La Malagueña.


Meanwhile in WaWa Land, the CAT Signal has been activated and so D.A.R.E. was only one thing D.A.T. Teeny Tiny Cat could do… find out what that Thing is after the break.

Remember now, Cousin Joe...

Remember now, Cousin Joe, you must suspend reality .:. B49B4FB1-26F9-432D-B06E-D1D71223D7EB 🎬 Fidel is running the Market in Wall Street, and El Che is now El Bacán at The Vatican.

Gooooooooo, Yankees!

The Los Ángeles Times must apologize for this propaganda: https ://www .latimes .com /espanol /deportes /articulo /2020-10-05 /dodgers-y-astros-favoritos-de-amlo-para-serie-mundial

Estimado, Canelo “álvarez”… bee, like Ali

Good morning, today is April the 5th of 2018… and, the start of the 50 year landmark OBSERVATIONS of the year of Civil Rights struggles is officially on. Next stop is May 68 in France—and from there—Tlatelolco y unas Olimpiadas.

Y… Canelo “Álvarez”, la siguiente nota es “como la cerveza en México”, preparada especialmente para usted.

… context in TEAL and also his legacy follows.

Estimado, Canelo “Álvarez”… bee, like Ali.

… but first, an in–house announcement:

Our editorial line-up is happy to announce that we [the staff] have a new copy editor on board. We asked and Fenster said yes. His exact words while marking time inside of a Nanterre (West of Paris) holding cell when we signed the contract were: yea’y man—w’hada fuck.

Fenster will be using a babbel dictionary to mend corrections from this most inconsequential blog, which by the güey, is nothing more than a thing called, a draft.

Uso justo de todos los presuntos implicados… and of “The Usual Suspects,” también.

“I overhaul and i’m coming from the Lower Level”.
Public Enemy, in the voice of
Chuck D.

Good morning, today is the first April the 5th, since baby Jesus went through his passion period 2018 years ago. Today is also the first (if you consider the zero) of 50 years since Dr. Martin Luther King was taken down in Memphis, Tenesí

The speech that made el WaPo mad… Captura de imagen es un uso justo de La Jornada, el texto sobre “el azul verde” es tomado del discurso del Dr. Martin Luther King en una iglesia (Riverside) en Nueva York, el texto (in teal) fue razón por la que Dr. Martin Luther King fue condenado y tachado por el NYT, —Cousin Joe— entre otros y otras (in the Establishment).

Anygüey, fellas, the Man [Martin, not the Super Star] was taking part in a Union Strike and the motherfucking‘man had–to–have him —taken out.

Enter, Muhammad Ali:

[Voz de el staff… armando segovia… porque aquí en este pinchurriento blog, apreciado Canelo, no andamos ni creemos en los anonimatos.]

And this, Canelo, i say to you as `the‘ National Hero that `you‘ represent for Carlos Slim… you can stay where you’at, or get out of your INSTITUTIONAL bubble and shut those fuckers that commission boxing belts (From La Cúpula del PRI) in the style of say, the wife of a Luis Echeveria “Álvarez”, a bitch that exploited the Huichol catalog for her ego and for Institutional Advantage.

Or, you could just be, well… you know, be like Muhammed Ali, and stick up for your people, even if they are a bit darker than your sun tanned baby’s behind… in French, “my friend”, sun tanned baby’s behind simply means Yo–red ass, motherfucker.

What’s my name?… Fair use of Public Enemy’s “I shut’em down”.

Just saying, puto—para que no te vayas a enojar… Viva México, cabrón.

Al César lo que es del César, y a la verga el MGM… Uso justo de todas Las Jornadas en Teal.



One [each] teal billboard for Canelo }—-~~~\*>  Dear, RATP: Thank You for letting me crash and squat the threashold between the La rue de l’Arc–en–Ciel and the entrance to le Porte à Pont Neuf… “muy agradecido, muy agradecido, muy agradecido”… P.S.: i wanted to be, at least in a virtual way, the first to put a SIGN on that most beautiful crystal teal tile à Les Halles before that fucker JC Decaux ruins that very relaxing panorama to the parisian underground. Besos.