El error de Karol Józef Wojtyła — Part 1

… Context follows, but it shouldn’t be necessary: because if tomorrow’s CGT observance of women’s day, is only about Megan and Oprah—then you bitches are going to miss the point, especially with all of the incest and rape at your highest and “most” noble of institutions.

Previously on what’s weed got to do with it, …

… Across the pond, please don’t blame the neanderthals for all of humanity’s fuck ups, lest you forget your intro to Anthropology (101), we [humans] are the predators, not the exception.


I do declare, the resemblance to Paley Phillip is… like that lost part of our Eviloutionary development.

https ://imdb .com /name /nm0657626 /?ref_=m_tt_cl_i4

Dear, Ali VELSHI… meet me on the other side of the Internet Movie dataBase for the latest on the Cult of Florence Cassez and the rolling of Alejandro González Iñarritú’s upcoming movie: LIMBO, o como dicen allá en La Sierra Morena… purgatorio.

‘Zat Ewe Bunny Wailer?

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