Deer, Anand Giridharadas… Day 4 Ehécatl (Wind) is in progress

Another They at The Wacky Races

Advertisement: 2020 F1 Tyres specs
Classification: Full Wet Tyres
Nomenclature: Cinturato BLUE Wet
Technical trivia: This babies can evacuate 85 litres of water per second per tyre at 300kph, period!

Pacheco nm Last name that probably means THEM who smoke Marihuana; pronounced: Pa’Checo.

Breaking the races on Day 4 Olín (Movement) on the BFM TV racing team. Sadly, the operator-end of the inter tubes providers placed a HEX on the race currently unfolding on the hypotenuse of the aforementioned Technicolor Block where Issy meets Paris; in the middle, un perro en el periférico, mi “Pancha”, me lo dijo El Profeta del Nopal.

Mythos has it, that a Gray Wabbit jumped out of the La Luna when Georges Méliès stuck a pod on the Right-Eye of The Man on The Moon; LEGEND (n°3) told Mí that the waskaly wabbit was last seen marauding along the tracks of La Porte de Versailles. .:. D1A60732-80CA-4300-9392-EB6A364AE999 🐇

Of course you know… this means GWAR!!!

Page 2: For context… So, mr. BFM’er controller, you may be able to shut the Stream up, that’s a fact… but have you realized that less reputable sites than yours, get it? Less reputable than the RTL* signal actually show the entire BFM.FR box, not just the part above the sub-header strip; and WHY, why is it that all of the other media in your arsenal is working fine, except for your LIVE-EVIL stream, Perrine, Why? Do you want Mí to head over to KISS TV? Because you know that Eye will take you there, —if you D.A.R.E., Ms. Storme.

Now, you’ve heard about La Ficha Amarilla, La Ficha Verde, and now Ladies in Gemini in the synodic revolution of the Planet Venus, BEHOLD:

La Ficha Azul Vs. La Ficha Blanca

But FO’ist, we switch it over the Atlantic where Lindsey Reiser, (La Ficha Blanca) punished Ted Cruz’es-ese Harvard professor on account of churning that sonovabitch out onto Kay Street and into the TEXAS abyss of backasswardness called the “G.O.P.. Issy, professor Billy EskRidge ii, just lost his chair. Professor Willy E.R. Jr., now has to conduct all interviews standing up… because if the Watchers of “The Temple” can’t sit down (until an authorized by law smoke break) they’ll be damned if they let the condemned bum(s) have a rest.

This section is sponsored by The Swiss Watch…

The Swiss, more neutral than a Panama Papers Jack.

Meanwhile in WaWa Land, progress is beginning to take baby steps, in an unprecedented curve an Attorney General sues the Police Department; will the Courts follow?

Over at a very dark part of the Sideral timeframe Black Spy is relaying to International Triple “Asymmetric” Track broadcaster, Avi Velshi, the conditions of the closed CCTV circuit; this can only mean one thing, find out about it after La Curva de las TRES (in CET).

… AND OH, Snap! There goes another Euzkadi Radial, the asphalt just got hot. Team Black has entered the race, and Tiff Cross just got sponsored by John Player Special, smoke’em if you got’em.

Okie Dohkie, Anand Giridharadas, it’s time to make sense of all of today’s frames and never forget why the Scalextric®️ triangulation on the Carrera®️ track is set at the BFM’er TV siege, —on the Technicolor®️circuit.

It’s curfew crunch-time so i will loop again after the PIT STOP to make sense of not all, but definitely some of y’all… so, Witt that in mind, TIFF•any•CROSS Mitt R•G•B, period, CMYK is on another track.

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