Tennessee fallout — No insistas Alicia.

Remember, Colin Jost:

Eye is Sí-Rius, and your knot.

Busy now, but call Mí mañana.

In Contexto, Öüï last hooked up with Melissa Villaseñor days after a series of presidential pardons exonerated several Tenne-assassins convicted of crimes against humanity. The affront against the United Nations was larger than a Super Nova, which in return prompted a unanimous decision from Command and Control to go boom on the “volunteer state”, but not before Mando, our newest addition to the fictional characters in an already “established” universe was able to establish the Cross-connection across the universe and thus gained a few precious hours, which allowed Time to get Dolly Parton out of (the) Dodge.

What follows are the blueprints in the dentils of that extraction. And, Mattéo, you probably don’t know it, but that there Queen’s Column at the « Bourse » next to au pied du cochon is “coin-operated”, which is why yours truly could not spend the 9,15 credit units on something as frivolous as a “warm meal”, KNOT WHEN DOLLY PARTON’s legacy was on the line… and if you ever learn where the FO’ist connections for this French experience were made from, then you’ll understand why Jeff Lynne “Telephone Line” is transliterated by a bunch of Yndios in Sonora. One thing FO’sure, my deer Mattéo, is that if Öüï makes it out alive from this trip, your “Funny Paper” is going to take the role of the ubiquitous framed “first dollar bill” that shop owners inconspicuously display on a very specific wall in their place of business.

—_*¡ㄋ_— But FO’ist —_可!*_—

We take a moment to follow- up on “The Situation” and our Tunisian connection under the Mug of Geronimo at the entrance to Indiana.

One Flew Over The Corsica Sky .:.  CBBB1D0D-F0C4-4C36-83B7-9DDC4F88574E 🧶 As i put the text in this box my Tunisian fellow is probably doing what Tunisians do on an early Sunday evening in Tunisia. We Know This, Kate McKinnon, because on that early morning when “The Situation” took place, the Tunisian fellow offered us the spot under Geronimo’s mug, we declined. But if the most informed cop in France checks the cameras between 07:55 and 07:57 on New Years Day, he will see yet another set of Bare Nakid’ Long Legs that ended on yet another itsy-bitsy miniskirt walking past where the Municipal Mobile Jet-Streamers were parked on the morning before New Year’s Eve. 🦵🏻Coincidence, who cares! This spot is starting to put ZZ Top’s iconic video (about legs) to shame.

Note to Tiff Cross: i got your soccer ball, and i am going to paint it Yello. Youse gonna like the way your soccer mom singer zinger is going to look on The BFMer stream.

And it’s going to have SABOR…. mi Negra!!!

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