Tepócate (petit Lina) el Ajolote te saluda

… and nevermind The Salamander, he’s too sick with a new strain of Coronavirus called “Corona-extra”, to Ketch–up… [G]et it?

https ://masdemx .com /2016/04 /el-axolote-el-animal-mas-improbable-y-fantastico-del-mundo/

Postales Milagrosas (12/12/2012, l’Èglise de La Madeleine, 75008)… Hello, Caroline, Alice, Lina, Jade Idriss, and of course, the good Mohamed. Check it out my tadpole friends (someday you’ll make fine Frogs, i am sure of that), but for now i am going to explain to a few friends (literally, very few friends) how the Third Dimension looks from the inside of a hyper-cube; “you’re gonna like the way you look”.

Previously on:

On the FIFTH THEY of Mex-Más se me apareció La Virgen on a naked Rockefeller Center Árbol Sapin.

But FOist, i just learned that The New York Times is phonetically enunciating their advertisement TooThey… welcome to the human race your excellencies, y que tengan buenos días sus Mercedes.

Advertisement: Person of the year (France)
Actor: La Rana Rene and The Count
Jingle: It’s like Mayor Pete once said about Baby Jesus Mom’s house:

— “Tenth’s, ils sont un cadeau pour la humanité”…

and The Count goes:

—Is DAT 1/10th, 2/10ths or 3/tents, Governor?


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