And The Count goes on: Take mí down 2 the Para Dice City

— Big Tenths, small tents?

Deer, Stephanie Rulhe:
Please inform The Boss
that New Jersey is the most
Estadounidense de toda la bola de
estados* en la unión,
take it from a John WHO knew.

* Except for California, off-course… because like Yucatán, We Are A REPUBLIC, period!

La Baggaggerie… a place where Evry body knows your name.

Over the HILLS and across The Atlantic, little Willie Geist is about to get a Major Major revelation from a Cardinal, —no less.

* With the exception of Blazing Saddles, of course .:. FFA9B8F3-8A8F-492B-940F-310D666D5701 .:. And starring as CHRIS JANSING, Catharine Defrot… in MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE, yeah.

But FO’ist! A programming note from the “gift shop” just to let our monitors know (Jah, you know WHO you is) that we just came back from the movies, it was a double-feature presentation about hotels and safari expeditions. Witt that in mind, you have probably heard about the Catherine who doppelganged for Cecily Strong… “it’s Knot one of those!”

One million French Tele-Drahmas can’t be wrong, “Sous les Étoiles de Paris” is:

Deer, Nicole Wallace, i hope that you know —and/or realize— that your boss, George W. Bush made of TILLman… well, you know: a bitch, because Tillman got fucked, in the fucked up sense of the … Word.

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