Oh, hey Hallie Jackson, wanna re-invent the wheel?

And in Washington, Dr. Fauci signs on with the MODERNA track team… and at West Point, well this is why i have all güeys stressed: SHOW YOUR WORK

Our continuing coverage of the Wacky Rig Races continues and non-readers across the universe want to know, is a Wacky Rig Race possible without The Cars?

The answer Hallie Jackson, after a word from our…


Issy, Hallie jackson, RED suits you well… but can someone get Elision some fucking gloves if msnbc is going to put that bitch in cold weather? This is not the first time, Craig Melvin, that Miss Barber has been left out in the cold, heck, you might recall last week’s start of the Wacky Races when Avi Velshi had Elison spot the take-off of the UPS®️ track in Kentucky.

Over at Claire McCaskill pantry, Santa just joined the Pfizer track, and Sam Stein is an ugly Mexican Mutt. It’s the 11th hour in Central Nato Times, and i’am going to take a nap now; Acapulco, you can sleep all day. Aussi, if given the option in 2024, i am voting for former New Jersey Governor, Chris Chrispy, fuck it, let’s send New Jersey to the White House… Make The White House Kitchen Great Again.

Before i crash, Ayman Mohyeldin, i have it on good authority to relay to you, that i might not go down in history, but just as Fat Mike said: i will go down on your sista’s.

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