Previously on, “Chasing the Rachel, with Leslie Jones”

It’s a Media Watch weekend marathon and the first thing that Leslie Jones needs to remember is that regardless of just how much she is in on the joke, it is incumbent on that torre de piloncillo to know that Chris Matthews held the keys to the archives to the PEACOCK Base, AND…

as Evry body knows, Mr. Hardball went into retirement about a decade ago (in Donald Trump executive years), SO…

Kasie Hunt won’t let us lie, the surest way to get old Matthews into opening the vault is to call that there SUMBITCH at around oh-dark-thirty in the wee–hours of Virginia (where Chris Matthews breeds horses, —big horses, little horses, tiny horses) and before the caller hears Mr. Matthews say hello, be sure to wish that basterd a happy Saint Patty’s They, and immediately tell him that, you are an intern pulling the night-shift and that, “there has been an emergency”, and that he is listed in on the ’emergency roster’ as the archives vault access representative”, period!

A Qué Voy, mi negra:

“It’s what I Do!”
Barry de La O.

So in order to make sense of the Stephanie Rulhe simîle about the color of “el caballo prieto azabache”, which i looped on the previous post, Alicia Menendez would have to contact her nearest hillbeaner on the alert roster, which according to SOP it should be Chuck Rocha or his uncle Bert… or was it Tio Ernie, Steph?

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