Dear, Colin Powell, General (one-each)

Congress should not pay attention to the 7-year buffer for the Secretary of Defense post. Not to rain on your military parade but Sir, your statement of approval for the former Central Command top general sounds a lot like them accolades that Attorney General William Barr received from all of the legal and security experts on MSNBC when he was first tapped to piss on the Mueller Investigation and subsequent impeachment hearings of 2020.

Not that your screw-the-norms choice will do any harm to the Complex, but that’s probably the point because it seems that you, Mr. President-elect—is testing the pundit sphere to see which way the spin goes. On Deadline is “Business as usual” , and “you’re gonna like the way you look”.

8th Infantry Div. (Pathfinder) .:. “Is it possible de que fue… sin querer queriendo? » Find out on Ancient Regimental Patches.

Now then, Sir, the fact that former Missouri Senator for the Ozarks, Claire McCaskill, got all tickled-pink before her first mimosa of the day on account of Mr. Biden’s choice to head the Rockefeller Center war-fighting cash-cow, should not be a celebratory triumph for Chuck Todd’s Republic just because you, Sir, write on your official statement that, Mr. Biden’s choice for Secretary of Defense has, “demonstrated his war fighting skills and his bureaucratic, diplomatic, and political acumen,” and here is why, General Powell:

1. … [B]y ‘war fighting’ do you, Sir, mean fucking up perfectly misleading British intelligence that would then paint pretty pink war stripes on a young Nicole Wallace’s propaganda outfit or, by ‘war fighting’ do you —Sir— mean not finishing a road march to Baghdad in ’91… come to think of it, Mr. Powell, if ol’Desert Eagle .50 would have taken Saddam’s adult-children out in ’92 there would have been no excuse to go back into Irak, because Dick Cheney would have become the ruler there, know what i mean Chocolate Chip?

2. On the diplomatic detail, people make mistakes, and we’ll leave the “curve balls” at least until Spring Training, pending pandemic.

3. So just to be clear, Chuck Todd’s Republic will be integrating Trump’s screw the norms even before the first 100 days countdown begins… our apologies for not touching the political acumen and the bureaucratic knack of Mr. Biden’s choice to take over Trump’s chain of command.

Frack It, then.

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