Public Service Announcment

14 de noviembre, 2020

* The opposite of Agonizing Guilt.

París, Texas.


Dear, Yazz:

Please relay to your Alex, to unmount the Steele from The Heidi… Öüï repeats: FuCk Charles and his dead brother Koch, and here’s why Mr. Koch (nevermind The Heidi), check it out… motherfucker, —Öüï may call you “motherfucker”, right?— so, let’s focus on Ft. Bliss, and you can work, IT!, any way you want… give Mí a second, or TWO, gotta’Take a piss.

So, Mr. Koch, spend the same ammo that you spent to divide the country. Start with 95.5 KLAQ in El Paso, Texas, and pay the entire MESA and PAISANO boulevards businesses so that those sonsovbitches can CLOSE their penny-pincher rackets and save some fucking lives.

What do you think? Or…

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