Meanwhile back at the ranch — Año de Hidalgo

Ladies in Gemini, we kindly request that you please turn all of your sound–emitting devices to vibrate. Also, Aussie, the following is an intermission for the good peoples at the history channel on the MoreJo Show.

Witt D.A.T. in mind, we the staff don’t select La Gloria, ni El Paraíso, o el CINE de actualidad

Category: cities on fire

Category: Hell freezes over and Heaven is on Fire .:. 85200AAE-F4BC-43EC-B304-184013853FE4 🗺 BOSSSSSSSSSS 📣 Öüï is going to be KNEADING another motherfucking SCOREBOARD!!!

Still to come, if you are current on your Jaime López catalogue then you will have no problem answering a DAILY DOUBLE in the category:

https ://metro .co .uk /2019/11/11 /hong-kong-protester-shot-point-blank-range-11076558/

Cigarros a Hong Kong

As this develops, SOURCES close to Televisa Monitos relay THAT LIKE A GOOD NEIGHBOR, the president-elect of The United States of America, Joseph “Ele*” Biden, tried to established a working communication LINE with his soon-to-be executive partner in the North TruphTA Deal but, because Mr. Biden got caught taking SELFIES with “El Plan Mérida”, don Obrador le dijo que por favor, “ahorita no”.

* Ele in place of “Erre”, in consideration for our Boricuas de Nueva Yol', who are not able to roll with the Spanish Eres.


Carta Abierta para:

— Mª Teresa Kumar
— Voto Latino
and of course:
Las Comadres de Alicia Menendez
Las Primas Fresas de Paola Ramos

Muchachas, pero que puta falta de INICIATIVA, Ingenio, ¡y por si sobrara menos! SOLERCIA, como para no usar ese librito negro de Tere en dónde —ELLA— guarda el número del canciller Ebrard… o quieren que sea YO, el “único Mando” el que vaya y le pique la chingada cola pa’que le mueva el tapete a John Mill Ackerman y no hagan enojar a “la negrita”, ya que esa Kabrona si es INDIA y no anda con chingaderas como el puto de Pence, irónicamente de INDIANA, pero es más CHUECO que La FAYUCA.

Kamala Harris, de las Indias, la más Kabrona es…
it’s right D.A.R.E. in the NAME
KA = M.A.L.A.
She’s bad, Marcelo Ebrard
y Hoy Por Ser Día de tu Santo
Move over India Maria

Move over India Maria .:. FA85962B-DE56-47AF-9D32-0749DEA767A0 🇺🇸 Yo soy de Aquí, de Allá, and from EVRY —motherfucking— Where.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /ultimas /politica /2020/11/12 /se-reunen-personas-en-palacio-nacional-para-festejar-a-amlo– 1221 .html

NOTE to the “It’s too godDamn Early — don’t you Be Long” producers:

Los Teefies de López

Los Teefies de López meets Los Hilos de Sasha… o como dice la Senadora Pelosi en la Cámara Baja: el patio está en llamas and the WaWa is too hot to handle.

Given your inability to properly follow in Craig Melvin‘s knowledge of improvisation and foreseeing the next BEAT, Öüï thought that showing the difference between YESTERDAY’s “teefieson The Hunt, and the “good doctor” within the margins of the above P-in-P, would give you motherfuckers AT TELEMUNDO a contrast of what a fully-developed COLMILLO  looks like, D.A.T. is You’ve Got—You Know—TUNE IN— and COME TOGETHER on “La Tía TaTi” para poder comenzar a dibujar al General Tata… and if you know what La Expropiación Petrolera y El Reparto de Tierras used to SIGNIFY, then the historians at THE MORJO SHOW will know the difference between TITUS JOE, and that other ROMAN that wrote the FIRST DRAFT of the DECAY OF ROMA… y Roma, as EvryBody in Paris knows = A.M.O.R.

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