Friday the 13th — Año de Hidalgo: the shock opera

It’s Weekend Edition, and Ali Vittalli anda por el Quinto Sueño de la vecindad de El Chavo.

No Pun Intended — Luc shut'Er down

No Pun Intended — Luc shut’Er down

Ladies in Gemini, El Quinto Sueño Hotel and Casino is proud to bring you “Lo que el viento se llevó de  Casablanca”… we’ll always have your ‘garten’ your beautiful flower garten. 

We catch the dreamer at Hans Nichols tent, and he just laid, IT!, Down for the Indianapolis Colts (check the drawing), The Shutdown is coming… it’s an American tradition, like the transfer of lease on the peoples house at The White House.


Over at Mars mom’s house, Mars dad throws in a yellow flag for holiday interference insisting that non-native traditions like “the shutdown” must wait for the arrival of Turkey Day first, then hold for Santa y Fe interception for a 99—YARD Touchdown all the way to the Pacific Coast Line, and besides, January is King’s appreciation month, we’ll know soon enough if Gobbler’s Knob is going to be overcast because of the wanna-be king’s shadow, or if by Feb. 2 habrá velas en el calendario.

https ://www .timeanddate .com /holidays /us /groundhog-day

FO’ist Down, REDSKINS!


But speaking of RedSkins how about Öüï TRIangulate the FREQUENCY HOP to our Canadian non-Natives for another edition of Jeopardy:


Category: They WON’T Get Out


“ What are you WORRIED ABOUT, this is 1847, you’ll be able to Sue her »


Like other ““juniors”” in the President Andrés Manuel administration, he is named for a dictator and he ““inherited”” the Syndicate of Mines from his dad.



In Chile they call these 😽 MINAS, and in Mexico CONCHOS knot Conchas.

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