What do you mean, “when Donald Trump is a citizen”, Ashley Parker?

In•deed, what in the wide world of ELO is ah-going on with this talk about the “after-life” of Donald John Trump in the mediasphere? What is he, like the brother of the Mexican president, –or a tenure-holding talk show “anchor” on the cable news shows?

So, Ashley Parker, Eye does not, Öüï repeats, Eye does knot know the logic behind that narrative, because if citizen Trump becomes a glorified Rush Limbaugh, then what in the fuck is the point of this election… again, is Donald Trump like a brother of Andrés Manuel López Obrador?

Anyhow Katty Kur…
“Watch what they $€££, KNOT what they defend”.

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“Juntos trabajando”.

Aussi, Ashley Parker, don’t forget to water your plant, and then Öüï recommend watching William Shatner in this EPISODE of The Twilight Zone:

The 45th president of them united states recovers from a nervous breakdown and sees a horrifying creature on the wing of his plane. With William Shatner.

Knight mer walking at 20,000 feet
Air date: October 11, 1963
Previous episode: Steele
Next episode: A Kind of a Stopwatch

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