Still to come… It’s always sunny at the Voto Latino Siege

When we return:


El Sol Sale Para Todos

Y luego, en aproximadamente 8 horas (de las buenas) “Los Ricos También Lloran”… veremos, pero mientras eso pasa, we are going to try and catch some Zzzz’s.

9th Dream in an Elevator, hosted by Mr. Schmidty
with Musical Guest:
Hey, hey we’re The Monkees

Objects in rear-view mirror

Objects in rear-view mirror are closer to Circuses Animals 🐘 A044BF33-54D1-4782-ACA0-CBDA0F931EF0 🙈 … [T]hen they appear.

And… still to come, it’s way too Early in Kalifornia, but don’t be late Witt Brad Lee Pitt… a cousin of the Coopers in Georgia. In WaWa land is the 3 am on the Little hand on the (Shut Yo’Mouth) Dial.

C'mon, Cousin Joe

C’mon, Cousin Joe! ⏳0AF94173-818E-4D42-B0C4-D6ED7CFFA9F1 ⌛️ Get your little minute marker ready, it’s Eazy–E, the one “nigger” WHO didn’t get burned by ICE, but he cheated ’cause D.A.T. “Nigga” D.A.R.E. he got a bunch of different A.I.D.S. — FUCK THE POLICE if they don’t protect the Voters, period in plain Black and White… y en “negritas” S.V.P.!

“I’m Talking ’bout SHAFT! ».


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