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Lo R.E.M. ip Sum

Now, motherfuckers… Eye is off–course referring to all of our non-readers, so instead of having a Cow, how ’bout you go and hug one, eh! The thing is, that the first thing you should know about this most non-consequential blog is that we [the staff] don’t select the Visual Elements, nor the Topic Thread, which is different from the resulting Theme, so AS Öüï and Mí often say we only arrange the content, donc—key for this maze is to just “turn off your mind, relax and float down stream”… AUSSI, never mind D.A.T. there Left-Side of the Rainbow’s base; it’s just doG lubricating the GEARS on a Sun D.I.A.L… it’s TWUE!

Ojos Abiertamente Cerrados

Ojos Abiertamente Cerrados .:. From The NYT:
The Vatican said the pope’s statements in favor of civil unions for gay couples did not change church doctrine.

https ://www .nytimes .com /2020/11/02 /world /europe /pope-gay-civil-unions .html

Check, IT! out SIREN, i, Armando Segovia/Armando Serrano Prieto is going to break Exercise 2, Field Trip Today with Serendipity… and if you know who Mme. Medici is, then you will know what La Concha de Catherine Deneuve told an old pair of Frida Kahlo’s underwear. Featuring Benjamin Franklin and Zeus motherfucking warning in the form of a Thunderbolt.

Anyhow, Avi Velshi… please relay to Alicia Menendez D.A.T. Öüï, will Knot —öüï repeat!!! Will Knot Dance to the politics of tonight, instead…

Tonight Eye is going to let the “paid” professionals record history, and Öüï is going to see if he can reach a compromise between La Concha de Catherine Deneuve and The Old “unmentionables” of Frida Kahlo… Take, IT, away CURLY!

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